Audacity Land is an immersive digital experience that allows you to connect with the Police world. You will enter an explorative Plaza from which, thanks to various portals, you will be able to access 3 different environments all to be discovered and dedicated to different products of the Police lifestyle: The Enchanting Suite, The Timeless Space, and The Visionary Floor. Within these four environments, you can live multiple experiences. Navigating through such environments, you will be able to view different videos, participate in treasure hunts, interact with products, and discover aspects of the brand you were unaware of.
The missions consist of various actions that, once completed, unlock experiences and advantages. There is a complete list of missions, and as the expected actions are completed, your points increase and the community token levels up.
Each level represents a journey within the Police world that grants you increasingly exclusive advantages, such as pre-sales on special products, access to co-creation, and much more. You can move up a level through a direct action on your profile by pressing the "upgrade your level" button yourself once the points are reached.
As you do experiences on Audacity Land, you accumulate points that allow you to advance in level thanks to your token, and you can obtain immediate advantages in addition to the right to participate in periodic drawings to win additional prizes. Prizes are therefore unlocked by gaining experiences and accumulating more and more points to increase the community token.
  • Room Missions
  • User Profile Missions
  • Missions Outside Audacity Land
  • Pre-registration Missions
Audacity Land is an immersive digital experience that allows you to get in touch with the Police world. You will enter an exploratory Plaza from which, thanks to different portals, you can access 3 different environments to be discovered. You will be able to navigate The Enchantig Suite, the world of perfumes with its special features. You will discover Police jewellery and watches and everything about them in The Timeless Space. You will find The Visionary Floor, the world of eyewear, where you can watch various interactive videos and much more. Eyewear will also be the first product on which you will have the opportunity to collaborate with Police to co-create a new product of your favourite design.
Via the 'join us' button on the homepage you can register on the site by leaving your details and this will give you the right to create a community token and join Audacity Land. By registering you will immediately start earning points!
The community token is a digital asset that represents your membership of Audacity Land. This allows you to be a real member of the community and participate in the experiences and benefits that the brand offers through this experience. It's a token that is customised to your preferences. Once you've signed up, you can choose the colour and logo that suits you best from the options available. You will then choose a nickname that will appear on your unique token and represent you in this Land. Your community token will level up as you accumulate points from the experiences you find.
Once the community token has been created, it cannot be changed. The first customisation phase is intended to make you do all the tests so that you can be sure of the result.
There are many ways to do this, you can find all the instructions and possible quests to complete here.
The referral link is a referral code that you can share with your friends to invite them to join Audacity Land. This allows you to earn points for each friend who signs up. You have no limit on the number of friends you can invite and the code is only valid if your friend signs up for Audacity Land. It's very simple: go to your profile, account section and find the "INVITE YOUR FRIENDS" button, copy and paste that link and you can invite your friends and they will automatically be associated with you.
You can find the list of prizes in the dedicated section on your profile. As you gain experience on Audacity Land, you accumulate points that allow you to level up with your token and can gain immediate benefits as well as the right to participate in periodic draws to win further prizes
Prize draws will take place at different times during the year starting in July. The draws are only open to users who have reached a certain level with the community token. At this link you will find all the Terms&Conditions of the prize draw.
The token evolves with the accumulation of points you gain by gaining experience in Audacity Land. As you earn points, your level increases. Each level represents a path within the project that gives you increasingly exclusive benefits, such as pre-sales on special products, access to co-creation and more. Remember to check how many points you have accumulated and level up to get your rewards. You will be able to level up through a direct action on your profile by asking to 'upgrade your level' once you have reached points. For each level, the background will also take on a new appearance as it evolves.
Each level requires a certain number of points and you have to perform actions to obtain them. The moment you reach your level goal and are ready to move on to the next level, pressing the 'level up' button changes your token to the next level. You do not lose your accumulated points, but your 'loading bar' shows you the new points you need to achieve to proceed to the next level.
There are five levels and a specific amount of points is required for each.
Of course, with the 'delete profile' button you can delete your account, thereby resetting all points and losing the benefits associated with your token.
Police would like to involve the Audacity Land community in the co-creation of three products for the brand during the year. For the co-creation of each product, there will be four stages lasting one week each, during which community members can vote on their favourite shapes, colours and elements to create their ideal product.
My.Avatar products are products made specifically for the project. You can find them on the Police e-commerce or in the physical shops located at the following shop locator and have the characteristic of having a unique QR code inside the packaging, which once scanned will entitle you to extra points within Audacity Land.
Co-created product tokens are the digital counterparts of products created by the community through voting. They are actual tokens that you can buy from June 2024 and redeem on your wallet in 2025.
Sure, just log in to Audacity Land with your credentials and accept the terms and conditions of this platform. Your information already uploaded to will not be lost and you will be able to take advantage of various benefits, such as dedicated discount codes on the purchase of your next products.
Within the four environments you can enjoy multiple experiences. As you navigate through these environments you will be able to view different videos, participate in treasure hunts, interact with products, and discover aspects of the brand you didn't know about. Within Audacity Land there will also be a narrator voice that you may or may not choose to activate. It will help you and guide you through the platform. If you prefer to read, you will find a "?" button within each environment that will open a map and various instructions.
To find out how the competition works and all the rules, please refer to the Terms&Conditions . In case you have made a purchase on e-commerce with subsequent return you will be excluded from the draw.
It depends, you will be excluded from the draw if your return falls into one of the following cases: without reason or due to an afterthought or cancellation before shipment or complete return of the cart for one incorrect product. In the event of a return in one or more of these categories you will not be drawn in that time frame. Should you subsequently make a new purchase, you can be drawn a second time for the next draw. Each time the draw is completed you start from scratch, even with the return logic.
The first Police event is 11 and 12 May 2024 in Milan. We are waiting for you. Discover more